LayerStack API

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Cloud Server


CloudServer is the entity that handles the public cloud servers product.

Endpoints Summary

Endpoint (click to read full specification) Method Description
/cloudserver/ GET get list of vm. The account_id must be supplied, and filters can supplied. Click for available filters
/cloudserver/$cloud_server_object_id/ GET get info of one vm. Returns VM info with object id, label, IP, and VM resources information (RAM, CPU, diskspace)
/cloudserver/$cloud_server_object_id/reboot POST reboot the cloud server
/cloudserver/$cloud_server_object_id/shutdown POST shutdown the cloud server
/cloudserver/$cloud_server_object_id/start POST start the cloud server
/cloudserver/$cloud_server_object_id/rebuild POST rebuild the cloud server
/cloudserver/$cloud_server_object_id/name POST edit the label of cloud server, attribute name: the new name
/cloudserver/$cloud_server_object_id/changepassword POST change root password of the cloud server, attribute password: the new password
/cloudserver/$cloud_server_object_id/backups GET get a list of backup for the cloud server

List Cloud Servers

To list cloud servers, send GET request to /cloudserver/. The account_id parameter is required. Other paremeters are optional.

Name Type Description
account_id string (requiried) account id referred to in format of XX-11111111
ip string ip address of cloud server
label string label of cloud server
location integer location id, which can be get from GET /location api
region integer HK - Hong Kong, SG- Singapore, TYO - Tokyo, LA- Los Angeles
ostemplate integer os template id, which can be obtained here
iswindows integer 0 : non windows, 1: windows